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Dear Diary the Movie is the First Feature Film I have had the opportunity to Produce. It is based on a Stage Production by DP Plays

entitled Dear Diary He Beats me Cause He Loves Me.

The Love for her Children
What could make a woman stay when she should RUN

Natasha and Gilbert

Sneak Peak


$25 - $100

Film DVDs

What better than copies of the film you helped to bring to life!

Items included:

·         1 Copy of the Finished  Film

·         Thank you Credit



·         Thank you Credits

·         2 Copy of DVD



Where the movie airs, whether in theater, DVD or online, your name or company name will be in the credits.​

·         Thank you Credits

·         3 Copies of the Finished Film



Company Logo Presentation

Company Logo Presentation on Social Media Presence, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Company Name in Thank you Credits.

Items included:

·         Thank you Credits

·         3 Copies of the Finished Film

·         Company Logo Presentation



Co- Producer Credit

Co Producer Credit. Listed in the Film credits and of course IMdB. Company Logo representation on Social Media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Red Carpet backdrop and Website.

Items included:

·         3 Copies of the Finished Film

·         Co- Producer Credit

·         Company Logo Presentation


Our amazing cast and crew

another one.JPG

Executive Producer, Screen Writer, Director

Banza Pandora J

Banza Pandora J. has been in over 20 stage and film productions in her short 6-year career. She has Assistant Directed 2 National films and is excited for the opportunity to take on a story that is not only important for the community to see but remains brilliantly entertaining.



Chandra Lynch

Who would believe someone this charming and beautiful could be a living nightmare at home? How can her fiance tell the world Natasha is physically, and emotionally abusive?

Gilbert has been on the line between trying to love her back to sanity and choke her back to reality; both of which he could be viewed as a punk. The cards are stacked against a man in this situation. She needs help but he can't sacrifice himself waiting for her to get it.


Sinai and Toni

Ilandia Johnson

Brittany Taylor

These two have been friends since grade school. They have each other's back win, lose or draw. When Toni's relationship with an older man becomes controlling the rules of friendship change. Does Sinai stay loyal as always and keep Toni's secret or risk losing her friendship to save her life? How do you know when to tell or who?



Jamillah Gonzalez

God fearing and hard working, Ursula is a great friend and co-worker. She is humble, caring and strong. Do Not take her kindness for a weakness. This Lioness is very protective of her friends and family. God said not to spare the rod so tread lightly.



Jessica Pace

Wrong is Wrong. Even if it's your family. Tabby is outspoken and very black and white. Her brother is a lying, cheating bum with a deep secret her sister in law should know about; and her cousin Yvonne is still hiding black eyes. Enough is enough! Someone has to say something!


Aunt Mimi

Tina Harris

With her family running a muck Mimi does what she does best... mettle. And thank God for that. There are too many people who see things and say nothing until it is too late. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In this family, we're going to talk about it.

Tyson and Raven.jpeg

Raven and Tyson

Andrea Wilson

Tijideen Rowley

They're a cute couple, except Tyson is married to Esha and Raven is married to the next best opportunity. As the 'messy' in this situation continues to muddy how many lives will these two ruin to get what they think they want? 

Rav'n Partee.jpg

Assistant Director

Rav'n Partee

Rav'n has been an indispensable addition to the production team. She is another stellar example of how our Indiana educated film and theater students are needed to make great productions right here in the Midwest.  Intelligent, Resourceful, organized and driven, she has helped us see the pot of gold at the end of this project!

Jerrel Farris.jpg

Director of Photography

Jerrel L. Farris

Jerrel L. Farries, JRELZ, is founder of JRELZ Media Group, LLC.  Music and Film producer, JRELZ' hard work and talent earned him first place in the 2016 Black International Film Festival for his film, “Zion’s Berger.” Along with “Dear Diary,” JRELZ is also filming a local television series, “Save My Soul,” which is in it’s second season. JRELZ says that any level of success he ever receives can be attributed to God, his family, and the support of his wonderful JMG Staff. 



Antwan Demarco

After losing his job and what he thought represented his manhood, Idris lost his mind. His wife became his competition instead of his partner. he grew jealous of her success and the things that initially made him fall for her. Will Idris break his wife physically and mentally instead of working on fixing himself?

**Antwan is a National Play-write. He wrote the original script for Dear Diary inspiring the movie. 



Lanetta Kennedy

Yvonne is Intelligent, successful, a great mother and wife. When will she learn perfection will not end an abusive relationship. You can not fix a broken person by improving yourself. Do you fight for your marriage or fight for your life?



Latoya Jimpson

He pays the bills he makes the rules, right? Does Esha have a right to complain when her husband cheats, belittles and embarrasses her? It could be worse. As long as he is only breaking and beating you inside its not abuse. Can Esha regain her faith and stand up to the bully in her bed? 



Trent Richardson Hawthorne

All of the top colleges scouted Brian for his track and field, basketball, football and baseball ability. All his life he's been told how great he is. All his life he's heard YES. The big guy on campus! What happens when we don't teach our young men there is no status or pedestal that exempts you from the word "NO!" Will Brian get the memo?



Kyndall Summers

Diamond loves her mom and dad. She can't understand why there's so much yelling and now hitting. Even her brother Manny is becoming aggressive after watching his father. Diamond is beginning to think she's overreacting and this is the way love works. She's just a kid, her parents know what's best so... this must be normal.



Crystal Usher

Shalita is Toni's mother. She works hard and has done a great job. Her daughter is a straight-A student and captain of the cheerleading team.  She may work long hours and not be as available as she'd like to be but she raised a good girl. She can take care of herself ,right? She'd tell her mother is something was wrong...



Trilla Stalling

Tina has been trying to do the best job she can at her best friend's firm. Sista code will not allow her to let her friend's husband Keith get sucked into whatever web Kimberly has laid out for him. Not on her watch.



Lavell Brooks

That hard-headed son of his is determined to learn the hard way. Good women are hard to come by. All Pops can do is share his experience and pray his son doesn't over look his wife,  the way he did his own wife and end up alone.


Production Assistant

Deanna Summers

The superwoman that makes our headaches go away! Deanna is not only the momanger for Kyndall Summers but also keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes going beyond the normal duties of PA, with location scouting, craft services and casting referrals.

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