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It is truly hard for me to believe anyone who says they've succeeded alone or didn't get support, direction or inspiration from somewhere. I'll share my favorites here! This list is of course not all inclusive. I'll continue to add more!

I love acting!! If you're going to be the center of attention, Look Good!


Nicole Kearney has her hands in many and almost all things art. Celebrate your successes, or indulge in another.

Sip N Share.jpg

A great writer, a theatrical producer. 

Also host events in beautifully decorated insulated structures. 


Lisa Maydwell is an accomplished writer and film maker. She never stops moving and why should she?

Lisa Maydwell.JPG

Montez Lafayette's style of music draws the crowd in, creating a picture with his words. 
He leaves a lasting impression on the people he meets and performs for. 
Montez' s movement 'WiFi' gets the people connected with him.


For professional photography, production and artistic concepts. Ankh Productions.

Ankh productions.PNG
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