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#IamMariah Video Audition Competition


Pandora J Productions, LLC is holding auditions for a lead role in the feature film, Dear Diary the Movie!! This will be a 2 Part Competition.

Part 1- Video Audition


1. Use the sides attached.

2. Upload your audition to Instagram or Facebook with ALL 3 HASHTAGS , #IamMariah, #DearDiarythemovie and #PandoraJProductions by the contest end date: FEBRUARY 28TH 2019.

Mariah Sides

Judges will view all videos and announce the winners here on this page and at

Prize: Out of the submissions, 3 will be chosen to audition in person with the Co-Star Brian (Trent K. Hawthorne-Richards). They will each also receive a cash prize of $30, paid the day of the in-person audition.

Part 2 - In Person Audition


1. In Person audition with new sides that include the Movie's current co-lead 'Brian.'

Prize: On top of landing a key role in a great movie, the actress that is hired to play Mariah will receive an additional cash prize of $200 (outside of the film contract), to be paid within 1 week of wrapping her final scene.


Age: 18+ (actual age restriction)

Ethnicity : Any

Appearance: College Freshman age

Story Summary:

Mariah is a college freshman away from home for the 1st time. Very naive and trusting.

She becomes the victim of a sexual assault on campus and struggles with how to deal.

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